Are you looking for a new job, or trying to decide what to do in your next chapter? Career coaching can be an insightful tool to help you on your path.

Read on to learn more about me and my services, or book a 20-minute call for a FREE overview of what I offer. We’ll discuss what career coaching is and if we’re a good fit to work together on your career needs.

About Me

Kyle Inselman Hi, my name is Kyle Inselman, and I provide educational career coaching services designed to empower you in your career development journey and equip you with lifelong skills to help you achieve your career goals, no matter which way life takes you.

As part of Career Exploration, I will help you identify your interests and learn more about your values, skills, and personality as they relate to career satisfaction. I will also show you how to get the most out of free online tools and paid assessments so that you can discover the vast range of career possibilities, and evaluate what options would work best for you and your career needs throughout your life.

If you are on the job market, my Job Search Coaching can help you to optimize your resume, craft an engaging cover letter, and practice techniques to ace the interview. I focus on educational feedback and collaborative work sessions to help you learn skills that you can use now and in future job searches down the road.

Part of why I founded Pride in Your Path, LLC is to meet the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community. I can help you navigate concerns you might have about coming out in your job search, expressing yourself authentically at work, and more. Contact me with your specific question and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can help with.


I am pleased to offer a variety of services, including:

  • Resume, cover letter, and other document reviews: These document reviews focus on both content and formatting. When I provide feedback, I balance making changes to your documents myself as well as providing prompts for you to make further changes. This approach means that you not only get a revised resume and cover letter, but also gain and practice the skills to write strong job search documents in the future as well.

  • Interview preparation: I offer both interview coaching and mock interviews. In interview coaching, we’ll strategize how to answer common interview questions and practice those answers. Mock interviews are like a dress rehearsal for the interview where we’ll practice a full set of interview questions and discuss what you did well and where you can improve at the end of the session.

  • Exploring careers: One of my favorite services is to work with individuals who are deciding what they’d like to pursue next. Exploring career options includes activities that help you learn more about yourself and learn more about the options out there. In addition to facilitating activities and coaching you through career research and networking, I coach effective decision-making so that you can feel confident as you move forward on your path.

Please note, I operate Pride in Your Path, LLC in addition to working full-time, so my coaching appointments are typically scheduled on evenings and weekends.

Contact me if you are interested in coaching and I will get back to you within about 3 business days to discuss your inquiry and if there is availability in my coaching schedule to meet your needs. You are also welcome to book a 20-minute phone call for a free overview of services.

Resume Review Testimonial

Kyle workshopped my resume in detail, providing thoughtful, helpful, and unique critiques. He has also provided me with guidance in navigating interviews, negotiations, and other challenges. With Kyle at my side, the seemingly insurmountable challenges of a job search feel much more manageable. I appreciate his one-of-a-kind and individualized approach, and would recommend him highly to anyone that needs help navigating job search and career challenges.

— Kae P.


Coaching fees are based on the service you are seeking and the communication method that works best for you.

  • Services offered over email include resume, cover letter, and personal statement reviews.
  • Services offered over phone/video or in-person1 include all email services as well as exploring career options, interview preparation (including mock interviews), and LGBTQ-focused coaching.
  Email Phone / Video
Overview of Services Free Free
One-Item Review / 60 Minutes $60 $80
Two-Item Review / 90 Minutes $85 $100
Multi-session packages Up to 15% off

Payments are accepted via credit/debit card, ACH, Venmo, and Paypal.


Coaching packages are bundles where you prepay for a set of one-on-one sessions designed to work toward a specific goal. Packages are priced at up to a 15% discount off of hourly rates.

  • NEW! Job Search Package: Commit to confidence in your job search by booking an 8-session series of 1:1 appointments dedicated to the key skills you need for navigating the application and interview process. Career expert Richard Bolles said that the person “who gets hired is not necessarily the one who can do that job best, but the one who knows the most about how to get hired.” By the end of these sessions, you’ll have learned and practiced several successful strategies to get hired, and be able to put them into practice to increase your chances of job search success. Rates for this package begin at $544.

  • NEW! Job Search Package Lite: A shorter 5-session series focusing on resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. Rates begin at $339.

  • Exploration Package: Over the course of 3 one-hour sessions you’ll dive into your values, interests, and skills. Learning more about yourself can help you make more informed decisions about the type of career to pursue, the companies you want to work for, and the work-life balance you want to achieve. Rates for this package begin at $199.

Sliding Scale Option

My goal is to provide affordable services in order to help anyone, no matter their current employment or educational status. In addition to the prices listed above, I offer sliding scale discounts up to 50% on select services. If you are interested in the sliding scale options, please contact me for details.

Job Search Package Testimonial

I was fortunate to work with Kyle during a pivotal time in my career. After working at the same company for years, I didn’t feel confident in the skills and knowledge needed were I to start applying for other positions. Kyle was an invaluable resource as I navigated a changing job market. He helped me narrow down what mattered to me most in a company and helped me focus which next steps to take in my career journey. He was able to help me reestablish skills in applying, interviewing, and negotiating and tailored our sessions to what I wanted to focus on. Clearly he cares about each person he works with and was very flexible and accommodating with booking appointments and asserting questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kyle again in the future if I need further guidance or advice about job seeking!

— Rachel S.

About My Approach

Why should you work with me as your coach? I have 10 years of career coaching experience at the college level, working with job seekers and clients of diverse ages and career goals. I am an active member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and I continually sharpen my skills by attending conferences and trainings, watching webinars on current issues in career coaching, and reading up on trends in business, employment, and labor.

My approach to coaching is primarily educational, in that I aim to support you in gaining and practicing skills you can draw upon throughout your career, not only in your current job search. When I work with you I will not just proofread your resume, but I will explain the “why” behind the “what” and prompt you with the questions that employers and hiring managers would ask.

My focus on education means that I will help you understand how the process works so that you can succeed by strategizing and targeting your job search and applications. My ultimate goal as a coach is to help you feel confident in making informed, intentional choices in all areas of your career development.

My NASPA IV-W Award I have completed the industry-standard Facilitating Career Development training as well as the Career Coaching Intensive training offered by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and will be seeking further levels of certification in career coaching as I develop my practice. I have also been formally trained in the Career Construction Interview exploration technique and can offer this service for clients interested in an in-depth exploration of any decision they are making or crossroads they are facing in their career.

I emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and social justice throughout my work, and my efforts in these areas has been recognized with a Diversity Initiative Award from the Colorado Career Development Association in 2022.

  1. In-person services are available in the Denver metro area, as well as other locations between Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, for an additional fee of up to $20 per meeting. The option to meet in-person is subject to COVID precautions and general availability. Please contact for me for in-person pricing.